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News for September 2012

Manage Remote Project Teams? Shine Light into your Project with Spotlight!

For those who manage remote project teams in the software environment, I’m sure you all know the challenges that can rear their ugly head during the process.  Communication issues, time zone differences, task management, and team member availability are a few of the things that have to be properly managed to deliver a successful project.  Ask a project manager what task their individual team members are working on at that exact moment or what the exact status of the project’s delivery is and you will often get a blank stare.  Some project managers are experienced enough to have mastered this art but many would benefit from having a tool to guide them down the project delivery road.  Serpico DEV strongly endorses our client Spotlight Software, who can offer you this guidance with Spotlight – People & Project Manager.

Spotlight PPM offers remote project and team management capability at your fingertips with easy to use web and mobile interfaces.  What once took a series of emails, conference calls, and Skype sessions to find out the status of your project can now be accomplished by simply logging into the Spotlight online dashboard and task manager.  So what are the meat and potatoes?

  • Real-time updates – Track the project team through real-time updates of their current status, whether they are working on a back-end database or out to lunch.
  • Manage your team from anywhere in the world – Mobile and web interfaces give you the ability to be in control from anywhere at any time.  Monitor your project from your desktop computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android device, whether you are in the comfort of your own home or stuck at the airport.
  • Track the progress of your project – Instantly see your project delivery date and if it’s on time to be delivered.
  • Detailed task management – See a breakdown of the individual tasks required to complete the project from start to finish.  Track the specific tasks individual team members are working on and their progress towards completion.

Imagine the peace of mind Spotlight could provide for those unexpected times your CEO stops you in the hall or you get an impromptu call from a project stakeholder wanting a status update.  But don’t take my word for it, listen to what one developer who is an extensive user had to say:  “Keeping track of your time is effortless.  When you update your status in the app, it’s like leaving small notes on the Project Manager’s Desk.”

So take advantage of the tool that makes everyone’s job easier from the developer to the team manager.  Your project owner will be glad you did.

Sign up for the Spotlight PPM beta to learn more!

Posted: September 28th, 2012
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The Facebook Relationship Status: A Glimpse into the Power of Software

Consider these facts:  Facebook is now used by 1 out of every 13 people on the entire planet.  Over 750 million photos were uploaded to Facebook on New Year’s weekend 2012.   As of this past summer, LinkedIn acquires approximately two new users per second.  Large and well-known companies like SalesForce and Motorola are now using cloud-based applications for their everyday needs such as Google Apps for Business.

Have you ever stopped to think how much these websites and applications really affect our everyday lives?  We all know that software and mobile application use are growing at an unprecedented rate.  As I was browsing Facebook the other day, I came across one feature that had me contemplating this phenomenon: The Facebook relationship status.

Coming from a background in IT and recently moving into the software development world, I have a newfound appreciation for the power of software.  It has caused me to think about applications like Facebook from a different perspective and that’s where the relationship status comes in.  I came across a couple that recently got engaged and of course, posted the event to their timeline and changed their relationship status.  It had 110 likes and almost 50 comments within minutes.  So without even trying, that couple had almost an entire wedding guest list of 160 of their closest friends done without even thinking!  While the list will probably have to be refined, a task that once took weeks to put together is now at their fingertips in minutes just by changing their Facebook relationship status.   The power of this event is definitely evident when couples now seriously have to contemplate when to make it “Facebook official” so the whole world knows.  Because you don’t want to post it on Facebook yet if you forgot to tell that one special aunt or uncle, right?

As another example, I believe you know your website or application is around for the long haul when it switches from a noun to a verb.  Take Google search, no one says “I’m going to look it up on Google’s website” anymore, it’s just simply “I’ll Google it”.  Same thing with Facebook, the phrase “Facebook me” is a staple in our social interaction now.  There aren’t too many websites or applications out there that can stake claim to this but you get the point.

I’m sure after reading those examples, you’re thinking, “So what?  Applications play a big role in our lives, that’s nothing new.”  I was flipping through channels the other night and stopped at a Piers Morgan episode on CNN with Tony Robbins interviewing Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban (at the 1:50 mark).  Cuban, as you probably know, is a business genius, having started and sold several companies earning him more money than he knows what to do with.   In this video, he claims that America’s best chance to reinvigorate the economy is by taking advantage of our intellectual capital and ability to innovate.  Where does he say the highest level of innovation is taking place?  Software development.  “Software is taking over everything and we have to retrain our people making them capable of participating in the workforce at that point” Cuban says.

Software development and its impact on how we work will continue to increase as we move into the future.  Are you on board?

For more information on the state of today’s software environment and Serpico DEV’s development process, please contact us.

Posted: September 25th, 2012
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