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Client Spotlight: Delegate It – “We Sweat the Small Stuff.”

Posted on December 20th, 2012

Our client spotlight this month gives us an inside look at Delegate It led by Melissa Serpico. Delegate It helps entrepreneurs and small businesses run more efficiently by handling the day to day tasks that are often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of running a business. Serpico DEV works closely with Delegate It as the developer of their company website.

Helping Small Businesses With Everyday Tasks

The Company

It’s a small business owner and entrepreneur’s dream.

Getting behind on those everyday tasks while working to make your small business successful? Delegate It helps businesses catch up by providing a diverse team to handle the tasks that get lost in the chaos that comes with running a business. Whether it’s a Flash presentation or inventory fulfillment, Delegate It gives businesses a peace of mind that the small stuff is getting done right.

The goal of Delegate It is to provide as much value as possible for their clients. They do this by only charging for the tasks completed, saving the business time and money. When a new business doesn’t have the resources to hire full-time employees, Delegate It steps in to handle the tasks that aren’t high priority, but still must be completed.

The wide range of services, skills, and abilities of the Delegate It team allows them to take on almost any project from any business. “We are always up for a challenge and the opportunity to learn something new” said Serpico in an article recently featured in Really Great Magazine. They work to align themselves with a business’s goals to create a synergy that can yield incredible results.

Delegate It provides everything from data entry to custom web design. They can also assist in delivering superior customer service for a business to keep clients coming back again and again. If you’re a small business with tasks and projects that keep getting pushed back on the priority list, Delegate It can step in and get things done in an efficient and cost effective manner.

For more information on Delegate It and their services, visit their website and drop them a line.

Our Job

Serpico DEV’s job was to create a web presence for Delegate It that was very professional and modern while still being user-friendly. The website was built using PHP combined with an HTML front-end user interface. Delegate It and Serpico DEV’s development team collaborated daily using an Agile approach to ensure the project was moving forward on schedule. This open channel of communication between Delegate It and Serpico DEV helped the project be delivered well ahead of schedule, saving both companies’ time and money

For more information on Serpico DEV and our software development services, please contact us.