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Web Development: ASP.NET or PHP?

Web Development Platform ComparisonWhile web development can be done a variety of coding platforms, it often comes down to two languages: ASP.NET or PHP. Both offer benefits the other doesn’t have and most of the time, it will depend on what type of web development project you have. Some of the major considerations are cost, project size, and performance.

Cost of Web Development

The cost involved in each platform is usually three-fold: price to use, third-party hosting price, and development cost. While both are very low cost, ASP.NET does need some extra budget considerations because it runs on Microsoft’s IIS web server. So take into consideration you will have to pay the standard Microsoft OS cost to use it. PHP is free and can run on the Apache web server on a Linux OS. Both of these are also free saving you big bucks in avoiding the Microsoft products. Third-party hosting price is not high for either but does have some costs involved. Comparatively, PHP is found to be a bit cheaper in that category. Development cost are relatively similar for both coding platforms. ASP.NET is more rapid application development that can take much less time so the overall cost of development is minimized. PHP applications can also be developed using free tools but there is more coding involved that will take extra resources. Time equals money in these scenarios.

Scalability and Project Size

Consider how much your project or application may need to be expanded as your business grows. ASP.NET scales very well and is generally recommended for larger applications that will constantly be in use. PHP is usually recommended for small to medium sized projects that may not have as much stress. It’s important to properly spec out your requirements analysis when creating your product roadmap so you can choose the platform that is most efficient at the beginning. You don’t want to start with PHP and realize half way through the project that the application is going to grow beyond it’s capabilities.


Obviously you want to choose a platform that will offer great performance for your web development project. There is one distinct difference between ASP.NET and PHP that needs to be considered. ASP.NET is compiled and PHP is interpreted, meaning it is compiled and executed line by line. Thus, you will get faster performance with ASP.NET based on compiling speeds. This is why it’s generally recommended to use ASP.NET for larger applications where compiling happens quickly. PHP is usually faster for smaller program so if you are confident your application will not need to be large, PHP is quite beneficial.

These are just three of the considerations to keep in mind when choosing a platform. There are several others and our development team created a matrix to guide you in choosing the right language for your web app. Feel free to right click the image and save to your computer for easy printing and referral.

Web Development Comparison

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Posted: March 19th, 2013
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