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Manage Remote Project Teams? Spotlight People & Project Manager Can Help

Spotlight Software will launch Spotlight People & Project Manager, a cloud-based application that merges Agile project management with social network communications to enhance collaboration among remote project teams. SerpicoDEV is proud to be the software developer for Spotlight People & Project Manager. Below is their press release.

Spotlight Software Boosts Communication and Makes Remote Project Teams More Effective with Launch of Cloud-Based Spotlight People & Project Manager

Project management has gone social. The launch of Spotlight People & Project Manager at solves the communication and collaboration issues that face remote project teams today. Spotlight merges the efficiency of Agile project management with the power of social networking to create a cloud-based project collaboration platform that increases productivity and decreases time to market for projects driven by remote teams.

Spotlight People & Project Manager

Remote teams are now able to communicate more effectively with the launch of Spotlight People & Project Manager, a SaaS solution that combines the efficiency of Agile project management with the power of social network communications. All remote project teams face the challenge of fragmented communication, which can result in a project failure rate of up to 50% (Source: Aberdeen Group). Instead of focusing solely on tasks like other project management tools, Spotlight takes the added step of focusing on communication among the team through a social network interface on top of a lean, agile task management system. Launched by Vincent Serpico, founder and CEO, Spotlight was born from a need to effectively manage his own remote development teams for his software development services company, SerpicoDEV.

Spotlight ingeniously addresses the currently troublesome communication problem through a dashboard of “Status Cards” that each team member calls their own. Built on the analogs of Facebook-like wall posts and Twitter-like Tweets, the Status Card keeps the project manager, client, and fellow team members apprised, real-time, of what each person is working on at any given moment via Spotlight’s exclusive free-form status and availability update. The Status Card empowers team members to chat with other team members and/or request status updates.

Because of Spotlight’s multi-channel communication focus, project managers also have the power to quickly initiate a phone or conference call directly from Spotlight if needed. The Status Card can be conveniently “flipped over” to reveal quick links and information for contacting the team member via Skype or their mobile phone; including immediate geo-location of the team member through a Google map. To enable leaders to see the path of activity and decision making, Spotlight also features a history of all status updates by every team member.

The social network-like interface is combined with an enhanced task management system that goes beyond other project management tools currently available. Team members update their status with the tasks they are assigned and the system tracks time spent on each task. Via Spotlight’s robust reporting engine, reports can be created that show the progress of a project, its estimated delivery date, and the progress of each team member.

Spotlight also has a mobile application for the iPhone and Android for those managers and clients constantly on the go. The mobile versions offer the same functionality as the web application and allow project managers to monitor their team from anywhere in the world at any moment. Team member status updates, availability, tasks, and project progress can all be accessed from the mobile application.

The combination of these features results in a product that allows remote teams to communicate and collaborate via the best of social networking, while tracking task management using the proven lean, agile method. Spotlight is true cloud-based, social project management that helps remote teams deliver their projects faster and more efficiently. Visit Spotlight People & Project Manager and sign up for one of our packages starting at $29.

Posted: December 7th, 2012
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Online Work Causing a Shift in the Paradigm

Online Work for BusinessesAs the business world moves into the age of the millennials, one thing is for certain – they want to own their own business.

But a business is about the only thing they actually want to own. An article from The Atlantic calls the millennials a “post-owning” generation or at the very least, a “less-owning” generation. In layman’s terms, millennials want to own less and take advantage of resources only when needed.

With the current state of our economy, millennial business owners and entrepreneurs are moving to a more on-demand way of work. What used to be a process of hiring full-time employees and purchasing equipment and office space has moved to using resources “as-a-service”. Technology resources that have traditionally been in-house have now moved to the cloud, coined by phrases like software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, and platform-as-a-service.

Since most start-up businesses are strapped for cash, they need to find a way to be lean and extremely scalable. Cloud services allow for this by offering cheaper resources that can be altered on-demand as business needs dictate.

This trend has also shifted into another part of starting a business that is often the most expensive – employees. Thanks to the growing acceptance and adoption of online work, businesses can increasingly access contract workers on an on-demand basis. Entrepreneurs are using the “human cloud” to realize cost savings, speed up time-to-hire, and access talent worldwide.

With the rise of the millennial entrepreneurs, the trend is expected to increase substantially. Businesses are turning more to hiring online workers to find the talent they need. Not only is it a cost savings, but also allows them to find talent not otherwise available in their local market.

So what’s in store for the future? Elance and oDesk, both leading providers for hiring online workers, help us take a look.

  • Working online will become “the norm” – An Elance study found that 54% of the workforce will be online by the year 2017 and 84% of businesses realize a competitive advantage when hiring online. With more and more businesses realizing the advantage of online workers, it may become “the norm” quicker than expected.
  • Hiring online will become a long-term strategy – Virtual teams are around to stay. A survey by oDesk shows that 84% of businesses see online hiring as a long-term strategy. As budgets continue to shrink, businesses will implement this strategy into their long-range plans as a way to get better production out of fewer dollars.
  • Online software developers will be highly sought after – Elance survey results shows that the Software Developer continues to be the top career hired online. In particular, web development was forecasted to increase 50% in online work for 2013. With most software development done on a project by project basis, businesses will continue to utilize online contract work to complete projects only when needed.

As businesses continue to realize the benefits of the online workplace, they will be more likely to consider it as a long-term option for cutting costs.  By no means will it eliminate the in-house employee, but it does give entrepreneurs and start-up businesses a fighting chance to succeed. And in the state of today’s economy, we need all the new business creation we can get.

For more information on SerpicoDEV and our software development services, please contact us.

Posted: November 12th, 2012
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