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SerpicoDEV provides software development services to startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

No Contracts. No Minimums. You can get started with a small project or a fractional developer. Like a cloud-server, you can spin-up and spin-down resources as your growth strategy demands.

Complimentary Strategy Sessions. All engagements include a monthly strategy session with a business analyst / tech expert to help bridge the chasm between tech and business.

Always “On” and Available. We know you come in early, stay late, and work weekends. So do we. We’re just a phone call or email away; and we’ll always be there when you need us.

Think of SerpicoDEV when...

  • You have a tight deadline and need a team to treat your project with a sense of urgency.
  • You must deliver in-budget and want control of your dev budget.
  • You do not want to be hampered by contracts and minimum required hours.
  • You require the flexibility of supplemental, on-demand, and as-needed help.
  • You require a wide range of talent to bring products to market.
  • You are not seeking a development team... You are seeking a development partner!

Dedicated to your success!

We will make you feel like you are our only client!

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Jumpstart your software project with a proven process based on our 20 years of experience in the industry.

We have created and employ a methodical and repeatable process for implementing software projects that successfully make it to market on time and in budget. We interface directly with you and your key team members. We communicate frequently including frequent design sessions, strategy sessions, and demos. Successful software development is a partnership. That's why at SerpicoDEV we work closely with you... not as an extension of your team, but as part of your team.

Our Agreement with You

  1. We will dive deep to understand your goals and your 'whys'.
  2. We will craft a solution that meets your business goals and fits your budget and timelines.
  3. We will always treat your project with a sense of urgency and priority.
  4. We will communicate frequently with you, providing timely updates and demos.
  5. We will be available when you need us, from a phone call to a strategy session.
  6. We will provide you talented developers with a great work ethic.
  7. We will make you shine bright!

Vincent Serpico
Founder and CEO, SerpicoDEV

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