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Eric Owen


Case Study
AL/BedFill + SerpicoDEV

Eric Owen is an experienced entrepreneur, who knows precisely what it takes to bring great products to the market. In 2017, he realized that with our aging population in U.S., there is a significant need to connect assisted living homes with senior citizens in need of care. The problem, he learned, is that when a senior hits the stage of life in which assisted living is necessary, their families don’t know where to start to find the right home—with open beds—for their loved one. Relatives rely on referrals and word of mouth, often hitting multiple dead ends and having an overall frustrating experience trying to find adequate care.

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Susan Horowitz

Bigg Whale

Case Study
Bigg Whale + SerpicoDEV

Bigg Whale is the brainchild of Jerry and Susan Horowitz. The investment analytics duo started the company in 2012 to help customers make data-driven decisions on their investments. The company’s growth comes from the results they get for clients. Along their journey to growing a vibrant investment business, they found a way to reverse-engineer investment methods using software. As a seasoned programmer, Jerry automated the process and realized that predictive analytics could be used to make strategic investment decisions.

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Aly Saxe

Iris PR

Case Study
Iris PR + SerpicoDEV

IrisPR was two years into a startup journey. The company had a real platform that customers were buying, they were using daily, they loved it, and everything seemed to be coming together. The company had one in-house developer and some outsourced resources, so any bugs that came up were addressed quickly, and iterations were being made based on the customer feedback loop.

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