Many first time entrepreneurs find themselves stuck in an abusive business relationship.

Unscrupulous developers take advantage of an entrepreneur's drive and dedication. Unfortunately, we have seen it all too many time. You have a great idea and you look for help from an "expert". You pay a lot of money and put your faith in the wrong person.

Worried that you are working with an unethical team?

Signs you might be in an abusive business relationship:

  • You are tied into a lopsided long term contract
  • Your developer makes you feel unimportant or doesn't return your call or emails
  • Your developer is condescending and belittles your input
  • Your code is being held hostage by your developer
  • Your developer blames you for their mistakes

SerpicoDEV is here to help. We specialize in project rescue.

We're here to help rescue your project and get it back on track. We have a proven transition plan that works even with non-cooperative development teams. We will work with you to understand your domain and your project.

We will work with your current team in a cooperative manner to recover your code. If your current team is unwilling to work with us, we will find new routes to reclaim your project.


You are not alone.

We have helped numerous entrepreneurs recover their code and restore their confidence.

Reach out for a confidential 30 minute consultation.

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